It’s fair to say the development element of a business can confuse the co-worker. Take the situation I had with our marketing executive Elliot for example.

Elliot came to me with a challenge he was having with tweaking his email template and I told him to let me have a look at the HTML – HyperText Markup Language.

On sharing a screen, Elliot said: “This is like The Matrix with all the code!” I replied while pointing at a random element of code: “There’s your problem!” Elliot looked at me in surprise and said: “How do you do that?!”

Unfortunately for Elliot, I was pulling his leg and it wasn’t as simple as that; although after closer inspection I was able to see what the issue was a quickly resolve it.

With this example in mind, he made me ask myself: What do non-development people think development is? Let me explain from my point of view what us development folk do.

Digital Builders

Imagine developers as digital builders.  At EBS, developers are responsible supporting the software division to achieve their visions and goals for the products we create, or the products which we support.

As when building a house, you can’t just wade straight in and start laying bricks, each project requires careful planning, you need to be sure that what you’re going to create will stand the test of time, and most importantly that your actually building what the client wants. This is often the biggest challenge – but if you do the planning right the actual development should be the easy bit!

Leading on this, EBS have our own Anti-Social Behaviour Case Management software called ReACT, which has been leading its industry for over 14 years now. We are approaching an exciting point of the product’s lifespan as it stands to become mobile!

ReACT’s managing director Jason has world-class ambitions for the forthcoming version of the system and it’s exciting to be able to play an integral role in, excuse the pun, developing this.

The bespoke work we do here at EBS doesn’t end there; we are also currently developing version two of our first major Sage development. This project includes an integration between Sage 200 and the Magento E-Commerce Platform.

I hope this post has helped to explain what my team do and how development help businesses. Feel free get in touch with me here if there’s anything else I can help you with.