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Digitalising your shop floor data capture can bring benefits to your production. It will reduce manual process, and increase your efficiency while saving you time and cost. Not only can you make more in less time, but our technology will give you insights to improve your manufacturing processes.

The benefits of Shop Floor Data Capture

EBS understand the manufacturing sector with over four decades of experience and expertise. We know that production can be managed through spreadsheets, databases, old software, and even pen and paper. Whilst all that works, introducing a future-proof technology such as Shop Floor Data Capture will bring your business a range of benefits including: 

  • The ability to identify bottlenecks as they happen
  • Analysis of productivity across plant and people
  • Ability to plan accurately across all operations 
  • Increase your visibility across all operations 
  • Enhance your efficiency rate saving you time and cost

Features of Shop Floor Data Capture

EBS are experts in providing IT solutions for the manufacturing sector. We understand how technology can integrate with your processes to make your business grow. Shop Floor Data Capture adds value to your production process enabling you to review resources in real-time if a stumbling block occurs. As well as that it can:

  • Be used across all devices including mobile
  • Record all operational costs from machinery to people
  • Capture information quickly and in real-time
  • Accurately monitor all processes
  • Fully integrate with your warehouse management solutions

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Why choose EBS for your manufacturing solutions?

EBS has over 44 years of experience in IT solutions, Sage software, cloud hosting, wireless infrastructure and development.  We are one of the few IT providers in the Midlands with a full range of technical solutions under one roof.

We bring this skill to the manufacturing sector, a sector we have worked with for four decades and one we understand well. The team at EBS partner with you to deliver a full suite of manufacturing solutions from ERP to software development.

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