Software Development & Support

From software development integrations with third party software to complete bespoke software packages, we can provide solutions that are tailored to your exact business needs giving you a single point of truth when it comes to data and processes. Our highly experienced team of in-house developers then maintain and support our bespoke solutions to ensure they adapt to change and growth.

Business Process Reviews

We offer business process reviews to identify processes and systems that can be improved or streamlined. This will allow you to get an impartial view of what may be possible in terms of cost and time saving.

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Software Development & Support

We have a wealth of experience scoping and designing bespoke solutions, all backed up by a team of software architects and in house developers which allows us to create very detailed designs of bespoke software and have a seamless development handover. This also allows for more robust and efficient ongoing support. Our developers use the latest in cutting edge technologies for both windows and web applications along with Android and iOS application development across our product sets.

Security and efficiency is at the core of our end products, being cyber essentials plus accredited we realise our first responsibility when writing bespoke software is to ensure customers data and systems are safe in the modern age.

It can be hard to envisage a bespoke solution so it may be easier to explore some of the advantages:

  • Bridge the gaps left by ‘off the shelf’ software
  • Improve efficiencies by streamlining processes or even removing processes altogether
  • Save time and cost by reducing the burden of manual processes and duplicating data entry/amendment
  • No need for large, expensive and complex systems.  Keep what you have and focus on whats missing
  • Use of modern and secure technologies
  • Experienced in-house development team to support you into the future.

Our Solutions

Custom Web Portals and Bespoke Software

Sometimes you are happy with your system in general, but it just misses that one piece of the jigsaw that other off the shelf software does not cater for. This is where EBS can provide a custom portal to fill in the missing piece whilst seamlessly integrating with your existing systems.

Bespoke Integrations

We offer a range of solutions to manage your business systems. These range from on premise servers and infrastructure to the latest fully managed Cloud and everything in between (Hybrid).

Sage Development

As one of the longest standing Sage business partners in the UK we can provide all manner of bespoke solutions for your Sage 200 or Sage 50 systems. This could be from the very small and simple, through to bespoke modules and functionality that the standard software or available add ons are unable to provide. All Sage bespoke solutions utilise the Sage ‘objects’ which means we are always bound by the accounting posting rules ensuring the integrity of your system and its data.

eCommerce Integration

We can provide integrations for many global eCommerce platforms.  We are aware that there are many offerings on the market but, the advantage to a bespoke integration is that you can decide how it works and what you actually need it to do. Most ‘off the shelf’ solutions are very expensive due to the volume of data and functionality options they can provide, but some customers simply want an import of web orders or, an update of their stock levels. This is where a bespoke eCommerce integration comes into its own.

We have provided such solutions for many platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento to name but a few providing integrations between them and back office software.

API Integration

What is an API? An Application Programming Interface (API) is an intermediary provided by software vendors to allow 3rd party systems to communicate and transact seamlessly, silently and efficiently while keeping within the relevant software’s rules.

Think of it as a locked door, as the developer, we write code that wants to open the door to have a conversation with the relevant system.  We knock, the API checks we have the right credentials and in the right language,  if so, it opens the door. We then leave and the API closes the door securely behind us.

The world is moving to a more web based platform for software and as such, EBS will always research the use of API’s for any software development we do. We consider this to be a responsible approach as API’s provide the security and efficiency intended by software vendors whilst also, in many cases, building in the relevant software’s controls, security and posting rules to ensure consistency and validity. This can in many cases lead to a much simpler solution in terms of development time as this logic is handled by the API rather than having to be considered and built by the developer.

Mobile Applications

As the world moves to a more mobile and flexible working environment a lot of the bespoke solutions we provide these days have some element of mobile application requirement.  Whether that be iOS or Android we are able to provide an easy and effective way to transact with the bespoke solution or any number of API providers.

We can also provide data contracts on a resalable basis along with mobile and tablet devices meaning your entire solution is managed and supported by one provider. We can even provide services to secure your mobile devices from theft, data loss and hacking.

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