Cloud Hosting & Infrastructure

At EBS, we offer a range of hosting solutions to manage your business systems. These range from on premise servers and infrastructure to the latest fully managed Cloud and everything in between. We are a provider of secure Cloud, On premise, and Hybrid server solutions giving you the best of both worlds. Speak to our team today so we can help you identify which solution is best for you.

Business Process Reviews

We offer business process reviews to identify processes and systems that can be improved or streamlined. This will allow you to get an impartial view of what may be possible in terms of cost and time saving.

If you’re looking to go lighter on hardware and reduce upfront solution costs, EBS’s own private cloud could be the right solution for you.
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Cloud Hosting & Infrastructure

The world of IT is constantly evolving with more and more options and acronyms making it a very difficult subject to fully understand. At EBS, we can assist in all aspects of businesses IT solutions. Please drill into the solutions we provide to see which is the best fit for you.

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Cloud Benefits

Cloud Hosting removes the high, upfront hardware costs and bundles hosting, support and maintenance into a budget-friendly monthly fee. Cloud Hosting was designed with security in mind. We utilise UK datacentres with anti-scale perimeter fences, anti-ram bollards, turnstiles, biometric access control, anti-tailgating portal, air-locks and CCTV. Data centres are also manned by security guards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


We know that you need your IT to grow with your business without downtime. That is why we offer Cloud Hosting with the ability to scale in line with your business needs. We use high-voltage power supplies, backup power generators, uninterruptable power supplies, state-of-the-art cooling, gas-based fire suppression and highly-available network switches and firewalls to ensure your system is already ready. 


On premise hosting is a method of placing your data in your own connected network, typically within your premises or office. Your data may be stored on servers, PCs or any other local hardware that you specify. This gives you full control over your data security and access. We can help design and implement an IT system that works for you, within your budget and location. 


By combining our on-premise servers with a cloud environment, we can provide you with the best of both worlds to ensure high performance and stay within your budget. This gives you the flexibility to utilise existing on-premise servers and applications in conjunction with a modern cloud-hosted environment. If you have legacy applications that cannot be cloud hosted, you can still retain access through our hybrid solution. 


For businesses who do not require a dedicated office, your existing infrastructure can be relocated to a cloud environment. This is perfect to save on equipment rental cost and still get all the advantages of renting space in a data centre, which provides some of the benefits of cloud hosting. We use state-of-the-art datacentres with anti-scale perimeter fences, anti-ram bollards, computerised turnstiles, biometric access control and much more to ensure all our customers’ information is secure. This provides all the benefits of cloud hosting without the full cost of true cloud. 

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