Business Management Solutions

EBS provide software solutions for all manner of industries as well as requirements, all driven from an industry leading Sage finance system. Whether you're looking for a system to support your Finance, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Warehouse Management, Paperless, CRM, Credit Control, Reporting, Case Management, Project Costing or HR systems, or a combination of multiple, we've got you covered. We also offer a Business Process Review to identify gaps in your operations and software where we believe we can help, with the result that you save time, money and sanity.

Experience across multiple sectors

We work with a wide range of businesses across multiple industry sectors because of this we have built a wealth of knowledge around IT systems, Software Processes as well as everything in between.

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As a Sage business partner of over 30 years we provide the knowledge and expertise to offer solutions that save you time as well as money and stress when it comes to business finance software. Find out more


Based in the heart of UK Manufacturing we have a wealth of experience in this area and together with market leading software solutions we excel in streamlining processes via simple yet comprehensive solutions. Find out more

Supply Chain

The supply chain is the lifeblood of any business and as such we are experts in providing solutions that above all make this as simple and streamlined as possible. This may be a combination of software as well as process management. Find out more

Warehouse Management (WMS)

Integrated, Automated in addition to Fast are vital characteristics for an optimal and efficient inventory management system. It is these attributes together with our years of experience helping businesses streamline their associated processes, that we can provide software and services to facilitate. Find out more


Your organisation saves more than just paper by adopting a paperless office. Whether it is the money spent on printer upkeep or ink, toner, postage or even physical storage, to name a few, they will all significantly decrease as your reliance on paper diminishes. We also offer a number of solutions to assist businesses that wish to start the transition to becoming more environmentally conscious. Find out more


From lead through to sale, a CRM system implemented by EBS will help organisations build, not to mention, maintain customer relationships. It will also streamline processes so you can increase sales, improve customer service, and increase profitability. Find out more

Credit Control

Efficient credit control is key to healthy cash flow for any business, and as such EBS offers software solutions that allows you to manage all aspects of this while automating the more laborious tasks within it allowing people to focus on other critical areas. Find out more

Reporting & Analytics

The ability to provide a clear view of your businesses data to key stakeholders is indeed a vital one. It enables accurate and considered decision making. When you harness the power of data we can help facilitate growth. Find out more

Case Management Systems (CMS)

Customer retention and excellent customer service is key for any business. However, occasionally issues do arise and it is how these issues are handled that is of the utmost importance. A CMS system can be the difference between a happy customer after an issue and a customer that doesn't come back because of an issue. Find out more

Project Costing

Delivering a project to scope and within budget is undoubtedly an essential objective for any project-based business Not only do we offer a range of software solutions for this, they will also help you accurately track the progress of a project. From estimating to budgeting as well as cost control. Find out more


Enabling companies to manage their employee data as well as their learning, documents, policies and performance saves both time and energy. It also allows for internal processes to be digitally controlled whilst giving full visibility throughout the company. Find out more

Business Process Reviews

Businesses regularly live with gaps or pain points that are accepted as part of doing business but this doesn't have to be the case. We can help identify these areas by reviewing all processes as well as software within your company. From this we will produce a gap analysis and recommendations with the goal of saving you time, cost and sanity. Find out more

Business Management Solutions

A business management solution, by definition, is an application or set of applications that help businesses support and improve, as well as automate their processes.  Such software assists in eliminating errors, completing business tasks, and reporting activities, as well as increasing overall efficiency and effectiveness. Sage software provides an all encompassing solution together with a trusted finance system at its core. From financial reporting and also through to your own customer success. Our software solutions as well as our expertise can help your business thrive.

Director's Thoughts

Sage business management solutions firstly provide businesses with software and secondly expertise to help them thrive. Sage’s trusted finance system is at the core of a comprehensive set of applications that, without doubt, will help your business. They assist with eliminating errors as well as completing tasks and reporting activities. Helping your business in increasing efficiency and also effectiveness.

 Getting the most out of your processes

Above all, we help you get the most out of your processes, from one-off projects to high-volume production runs. Our versatile software makes it easy for you to customize your solutions without purchasing niche or bespoke software. This means you’ll have one joined-up system as well as just one version of the truth. 

 Key advantages

“The key advantages of a paperless system firstly include the environment by reducing the amount of paper used. And secondly by saving time as well as money. Documents can be stored electronically behind robust protection, which in fact boosts security. This also facilitates the transfer of information through the sending and receiving documents by the click of a button.

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