It is easy to think that the purpose of a paperless system is simply to help the environment and while this is a very positive part, it certainly isn't the full story. Imagine you had no filing cabinets, no boxes full of paper in store rooms, in addition to the ability to send documents at the click of a button and any paper that does still arrive, once processed can be recycled accordingly. This is certainly what a paperless system brings to an organisation.

Business Process Review

We offer business process reviews to identify processes and systems that can be improved or streamlined. This will allow you to get an impartial view of what may be possible in terms of cost as well as time saving.

We can divide paperless implementations into easily controllable phases allowing businesses time to not only prepare the relevant teams but also the affected processes in a much more manageable way.

Advantages of a paperless system

Saves Time

Time spent filing, organising and searching for paper documents is reduced as a result it allows time to be spent on more productive tasks.

Saves Money

Removes the need to purchase expensive pre-printed stationary, for example, or printer ink/toner, along with reducing the reliance on printers themselves which can also come at a hefty cost.

Environmentally Friendlier

Helps the environment by removing the need for all the things that consume power, or that require manufacturing processes that are bad for the planet or just accumulate ‘stuff’.


Boosts security by allowing sensitive data to be stored electronically behind robust as well as efficient protection.


Facilitates the transfer of information by seamlessly sending and receiving documents electronically at the click of a button, even allowing for intelligent software to read incoming electronic documents and process them accordingly meaning nothing need ever be printed (Invoice recognition).

Find out how you can benefit from a paperless system


There are many other areas to consider when looking for a paperless system, for example some of the systems that are fully compatible with a paperless system from EBS are listed below:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • MS Outlook/Gmail/Yahoo/Tobit/Lotus Notes
  • Adobe PDF/Sage CRM/MS SharePoint/Invu
  • Any back office system that allows for document design
  • Specialised features for Sage 200

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