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Sage accounting software and Microsoft products are constantly evolving in order to stay up to date with current legislation and the latest technical developments. As such, support for older products is withdrawn after a period of time.

Here you can see the latest End of Life Dates from Sage and Microsoft.

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ItemType of ReleaseRelease DateExtended SupportEnd of SupportRetirement
2022 R2MinorAug 202201/01/2024January 2025n/a
2022 R1MajorFeb 202201/01/2024January 2025n/a
2021 R1MajorJuly 202101/01/2023**January 2024n/a
2020 R2MinorDec 202001/01/2022**January 2023n/a
2020 R1MajorMar 202001/01/2022**January 2023n/a
Summer 2019MajorSep 201901/08/2021*January 2023 
Spring 2019#MinorMay 201901/08/2021*January 2023##30/09/2022##
Winter 2018#MinorFeb 201901/08/2021**January 2023##30/09/2022##
Summer 2018 (remastered)MajorMar 202001/08/2021*January 2023##n/a
Summer 2018#MajorSep 201801/08/2021*January 2023##30/09/2022##
Spring 2018#MinorApril 201801/10/2020January 202230/09/2022##
Winter 2017#MinorJan 201801/10/2020January 202230/09/2022##
Summer 2017 (remastered)MajorMar 202001/10/2020January 2022n/a
Summer 2017#MajorAug 201701/10/2020January 202230/09/2022##
2016 (Remastered)Major03/03/202001/10/2020September 2020n/a
2016#Major23/05/201601/10/2019September 202030/09/2022##
2015#Major23/02/201501/10/2018September 201930/09/2022##
2013 (R2)#Minor04/04/201401/11/2017October 201830/09/2022##
2013 (R1)#Major06/08/2013October 201830/09/2022##
2011Major18/05/2011September 2018n/a


# – This version will cease to operate after the specified retirement date 

## – Provided the relevant patch has been deployed, this version will continue to operate after the retirement date 

** – Development support will continue to be provided by Sage during the extended support period 

Sage CRM VersionSupport Ends
2019 R130/09/2022
2019 R230/09/2022
2020 R130/09/2023
2020 R230/09/2023
2021 R130/09/2024
2021 R230/09/2024
2022 R130/09/2025
2022 R230/09/2025



SoftwareMainstream End DateExtended End Date
Office 201310th April 201811th April 2023
Office 201613th October 202014th October 2025
Office 201910th October 202314th October 2025
Office 365In Support
SoftwareMainstream End DateExtended End Date
Windows 8.113th November 201310th January 2023
Windows 1014th October 2025
Windows 1124 months from release date*

*New versions of Windows 11 will be released once per year and will receive monthly quality updates that include security and non-security updates. Customers should always install the latest version before the current version reaches end of servicing to remain supported by Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows Server

SoftwareMainstream End DateExtended End Date
Windows Server 2012 R29th October 201810th October 2023
Windows Server 201611th January 202212th January 2027
Windows Server 20199th January 20249th January 2029
Windows Server 202213th October 202614th October 2031


Microsoft Exchange Server

SoftwareMainstream End DateExtended End Date
Microsoft Exchange Server 201310th April 201811th April 2023
Microsoft Exchange Server 201613th October 202014th October 2025
Microsoft Exchange Server 20199th January 202414th October 2025
SoftwareMainstream End DateExtended End Date
SQL Server 201211th July 201712th July 2022
SQL Server 20149th July 20199th July 2024
SQL Server 201613th July 202114th July 2026
SQL Server 201711th October 202212th October 2027
SQL Server 201914th January 20258th January 2030

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