Managed Services

Managed IT services enable organisations to outsource IT tasks to a vendor as contracted or subscription services. These services can be used to lighten the workload of in-house teams, supplement teams that are unable to meet IT demand, or to replace in-house teams.

At EBS, the Managed Services we provide include Antivirus, Firewall, Cloud Backup, Web Security and Email Signatures.

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Managed Services

Our in house team of experts will implement our recommended managed services and solutions. We then manage the solution, taking the responsibility and complexity away from you. We monitor and proactively support the solution on an on-going basis.

All our managed services are scaleable allowing you to increase and decrease user count and/or device count as the business requires.

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Get quick access to the experts who monitor, manage and support your network and services. We invest in the best in class tools allowing our experienced teams to maintain your IT systems on your behalf. By freeing up your time, you are able to focus on your business rather than worrying about IT.

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