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At EBS, we're a Sage business partner with experience and expertise ideal for Manufacturing. The Midlands is home to over 25,000 manufacturing businesses, providing 513,005 jobs, which accounts for 6.5% of the region's total businesses and 11.4% of all employment. EBS helps you understand Sage and how software can help your manufacturing business. Your experienced technology partner. Get in Touch

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We take our time to get to know your business, understand your needs and appreciate as well as process pain points. Because of this. we can better advise on the possible solutions suitable for you.

We offer business process reviews to identify processes as well as systems that can be improved or streamlined. This will allow you to get an impartial view of what may be possible in addition to cost and time saving.
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What Solutions does Sage offer?

Sage offers a range of solutions including the versatile Sage 50 and Sage 200 systems. These platforms mean that manufacturing businesses don’t need to worry about tracking files, as they have a paperless system to track their finances.

At EBS, we help you choose the right software for you. Our commitment to a long-term collaboration with your business in Birmingham, the West Midlands, and further afield is what sets us apart.

We offer Sage 50 and Sage 200 software.

How does Sage help with Finances?

Control and forecast cash flow with automated processes, faster payments, and clear and accurate forecasting.

Go paperless: save time and money while being environmentally friendlier.

Invoice recognition means that errors are reduced and you can be productive and in control, making the real-time decisions that you need to.

Automated processes ensure high levels of accuracy and a fully integrated model, with multi-currency functionality that makes accounting easy to maintain.

Sage allows for Intercompany Trading so that many members of one group can enter purchase invoices, and simplify stock transfers among each other.

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Sage for Manufacturing Processes​

So how can Sage help your manufacturing systems?

Material Resource Planning (MRP)

By analysing your sales and stock, Sage will make recommendations for your purchasing and your shop floor. This means that you will receive what you need as and when you need it. With this in place, your manufacturing business can be more self-sufficient.

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Works Order Processing (WOP)

This allows you to design and manage your shop floor data. Make your decision-making more meaningful and data-driven. There is extra traceability with back office systems that help reduce costs.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Sage provides a clear Bill of Materials for materials, quantities, and processes involved in manufacturing. You can create multiple levels for your Bill of Materials and record batch changes quickly and easily. If you are involved in inventory management and purchasing teams, this is vital.

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Estimating is detailed and accurate and be easily updated to your work orders. Components, labour, and machinery comments can be added alongside non-stock costs. Future buy prices can also be entered into estimates.

Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC)

With the use of barcodes on the shop floor, data is immediately captured and updated. Your systems immediately interact with one another, with no delay for synchronisation or connections. You can also record time sheets for your staff in one clear system.

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Job Costing

Integrated communication with Sales, Purchasing, Stock, and SFDC to give you comprehensive analysis. Track your processes across the board so that you can work out accurate costs and decide on areas to streamline.

Case Management Software (CMS)

A CMS means you can track and record events with ease. This allows for consistent collaboration meaning happier staff, customers, and suppliers. Minimise your reliance on paperwork and keep everything in one place.

Contact us today to implement Sage in your manufacturing business.

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Find out how you can benefit from a Manufacturing solution

More Benefits

With a manufacturing system from EBS you are able to choose which elements will best fit your requirements. You are also able to approach implementations in a phased approach to make larger projects much more manageable for your business and your staff, which will greatly reduce any risk and improve internal uptake of new systems.

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Sage for Manufacturing: Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some common questions you may have about Sage for manufacturing.

Sage for manufacturing refers to specialised software solutions, such as Sage 50 and Sage 200, designed to manage various aspects of manufacturing operations. Sage 50 is ideal for small to medium-sized manufacturers needing straightforward financial and operational management. Sage 200 suits larger manufacturers requiring more comprehensive features for detailed customisation and control, including inventory management and customer relations. Both systems streamline processes to enhance efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing sector.

Sage includes both ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MRP software (Manufacturing Resource Planning) capabilities. Sage 50 primarily serves as an ERP system, designed for small to medium-sized businesses, focusing on financial management and operational tasks for manufacturing business processes. Meanwhile, Sage 200 is more comprehensive, providing extensive ERP features along with specific MRP functionalities tailored for manufacturing processes, such as production planning and material management. Together, they offer versatile options to cater to varying business needs and manufacturing requirements.

Sage Production Management is a module within Sage software that provides manufacturers with detailed control over their production processes. It enables efficient management of all aspects of production from planning and scheduling to execution and analysis. This system helps streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve production efficiency by ensuring that resources are optimally utilised. It’s an essential tool for manufacturers looking to enhance productivity, manage inventory more effectively, and achieve timely delivery of products.

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