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When their business premises was hit by a flood, causing all power to be lost and rendering their servers inoperative, the Institute of Leadership (IoL) turned to long-time partner EBS for help. We gladly came to their rescue. 

Who are the Institute of Leadership? 

Based in Birmingham, the Institute of Leadership (IoL) is a professional membership body that helps people all over the world improve their leadership capability and advance their careers. 

With an active, international community of more than 50,000 leaders, managers, coaches and mentors, IoL create world-class tools, delivers award-winning e-learning and undertakes practical research to help unlock individual leadership potential. 

IoL have been partners with EBS since 2017 and, during that time, have relied on us for hardware and software support, and also for Sage. 

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What was the problem IoL were experiencing? 

IoL had already made the decision to migrate to EBS Cloud as, since the Covid pandemic, all their employees had been working remotely. 

Despite a degree of normality returning to the world in the aftermath of the pandemic, it made more sense for IoL employees to continue working remotely and, as a result, they revised their business plan and made the decision to let their offices go. 

With no need for office space, they did however require somewhere to store their server. Or did they? Enter EBS, who had the perfect solution with EBS Cloud, meaning IoL could be an office-free, fully remote company. 

However, in the interim period before the lease on their offices expired, disaster struck in the form of a flood, putting their server at risk. 

Although the server escaped any physical damage, the flood did cut off the power to the building, meaning the server was down and completely out of action. 

How did EBS solve the issue? 

We quickly liaised with the landlord of IoL’s office and requested access to the building to retrieve the server. 

With access into the premises granted, we were able to locate the server and bring it back to our own offices and ensure IoL were able to continue operating successfully and smoothly, with no disruption to the services they provide. 

Now, having fully migrated to EBS Cloud, IoL are saving huge costs by having no need for premises, and with their business stored in the cloud, there is no risk of servers being at the mercy of potentially damaging natural forces. 


The Institute of Leadership initially partnered with EBS because we’re a local business and because we understand their needs. 

When IoL need us for support, they always get straight through to a dedicated team, not a call centre, and we understand their business and how to help them in order to achieve a quick and successful resolution. 

The flooding incident is the perfect example of this. 

What do EBS have to say? 

“Many companies, when they hear the words ‘disaster recovery’, think it will never happen to them,” says EBS Sales Director Richard Bates. 

“This incident with the Institute of Leadership proves that you relax at your peril. Thankfully, on this occasion, EBS were at hand to help, and to provide a quick and successful solution. 

“What it also proves is that your business is much safer and less prone to acts of natural disaster, not to mention more cost effective, when it is based in the cloud, as IoL are now discovering to their advantage. 

“We are delighted we were on hand to help IoL in their hour of need, and long may our partnership with them continue.” 

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