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We offer a no obligation business process review service. This is for one of our consultancy team to visit your business, spend time understanding what you do, how you do it as well as what systems are in place (or not) in order to identify recommendations for improvement. This includes up to one day on site and a follow up report outlining anything we detect.

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Offering IT Hardware and Support, ERP/BMS Support as well as Bespoke Software Development, we can be your One Stop Business Solutions provider.

We offer an IT health check that not only gives you peace of mind but assurance that your systems are meeting best practices. If there are areas of improvement, we can offer recommendations in a phased and manageable approach.
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With over 40 years providing solutions within the SME sector, across multiple industries, we have seen many times that people not only accept something as being “the way it is” but also “that’s the way it’s always been done”. These reasons for accepting laborious or disjointed processes, inefficient software or data are not needed. Our business process reviews are designed to be a way of having all key aspects of the business looked at with fresh as well as experienced eyes. We also provide recommendations for improvement across the board.

This could be something as simple as a way of removing some manual work in an Excel spreadsheet or recommendations for additional/replacement software that will do the job much more efficiently. The key with any business is for staff to concentrate on what brings the most benefit while letting software or processes handle the rest.

The more automated/efficient your processes, then even more time can be spent looking to the future, not just the ‘now’.

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We will ensure that any recommendations are quantifiable. Meaning not only will you be presented with the options available, but also what those options mean (pros and cons) for the organisation. As well as what any return on investment may look like. You will then be empowered to make any decisions to implement or streamline in line with the guidance, or keep it for later consideration.

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