We are proud to work in the Midlands and support businesses across the region. And with our office only three miles from the venue for the next Midlands Business Expo we thought it was a fantastic opportunity to sponsor the event. Taking place at Aston Villa on the 28th November, we will be raising awareness of cybersecurity and cyberattacks with our co-sponsor and IT partner, CyberSmart, all day during the event. 

Why we’re raising awareness of cybersecurity and cyberattacks 

As an IT provider, we are well aware of the risks of cybercrime but we are also aware that we can seem to be scare-mongering. And that is something we do not want to do. However, we do know that the Midlands, and especially the West Midlands, is victim to more cyber attacks than anywhere else in the UK. Not only that, but when you read that*:

  • 59% of customers wouldn’t be willing to conduct business with an organisation that had a cyberattack
  • 42% of UK manufacturers were the victim of a cyber-attack in 2022 
  • Healthcare is the number one sector for cybercrime in the UK 
  • On average those working in professional services are targeted by a cyber attack three times a week
  • 83% of UK Schools experienced at least one cyberattack in the last 12 months
  • 238% increase in cyberattacks targeting financial institutions 

You can see why we want to raise awareness of this with SMEs. Especially when research shows that human error is the source of 95% of cyber breaches.

That’s why we are sponsoring this Midlands Business Expo with our partner CyberSmart. CyberSmart and EBS can enable you to be protected and certified in CyberEssentials, the government backed scheme, in 24 hours. 

*Statistics from CyberSmart and UK Government

Network with EBS and CyberSmart at the Midlands Business Expo

Not only are we sponsoring the final Midlands Business Expo of the year but we are also hosting their networking breakfast on the day. Come and talk to us and we can give you peace of mind that your business is protected or help you understand how to mitigate your risks.