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Browsing can damage your wealth!

We all know that danger lurks around every corner when accessing the web and we couldn’t do business without the Internet nowadays.

You will have Anti-Virus software and probably email filtering, but what protection do you have when accessing cloud-based applications or the web via a browser?

The use of cloud applications has been rocketing, with more than three-quarters of decision-makers admitting to using apps in their day-to-day work without seeking approval from the IT department, including many apps with file transfer functionality (by which we mean upload, download, share, attach or send).

However, both sanctioned and unsanctioned ‘shadow applications’ can create gaps in even the most well-managed security posture, with every drag, drop and share becoming a source of potential data compromise.

“Almost 50% of cloud data breaches are the result of malicious or accidental employee actions within cloud apps.”

So, how do you regain control of your IT estate with the explosion of cloud application use across your network and, in particular, any newly established remote workforce? Censornet Web Security and CASB help you to monitor and control what your users are accessing, keeping your business safe from on-line malicious content and potential downtime and cost.

“Ransomware has increased 144% in the first half of 2021 compared to the whole of 2020.”

Do you know what your employees are doing on the internet? Get full insight of staff usage and protect yourself from loss of data.

Watch our EBS and Censornet webinar for an introduction to Censornet’s Web Security and Cloud Application Security Broker (CASB) solution.

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