EBS experts explain: supply chain attacks, high-risk files and threat reports

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You might know that EBS works with a range of trusted partners to provide our clients with what they need. We’ve pulled together their latest advice on supply chain attacks, high-risk files and threat reports, as reviewed by our experts, to help you improve your IT and allow you to focus on the day-to-day of running your business.

Cybersmart: what SMEs must know about supply chain attacks


As SMEs, we’re slowly becoming more aware of how we need to secure our business against cyber attacks. However, unlike when we can secure our own home, our business is reliant on a wider network of suppliers. These suppliers range from physical services to virtual services such as online payment, storage of customer data as well as financing software.

Similar to how you would audit your suppliers for KPIs such as time, price and quality, CyberSmart is advising you to audit against security too. They have produced an e-book to explain further ‘How suppliers can outsmart supply chain attacks’ available to download. Or speak to your EBS Account Manager, who can talk you through the right options for your business.

Hornet Security: Security Swarm Podcast and cyber attacks 

We work with Hornet Security to fully back-up Microsoft 365 – including Teams – and secure it for your business. Each month, they talk about the latest threats for businesses to be aware of in their Security Swarm Podcast. EBS can distil this for you, contact us for further information, but the key take-aways for SMEs in the Midlands are: attackers are increasingly using html files but the threat is decreasing on pdfs. Our advice, if you see either of these on an email thread, is to take a close look at the sender before opening. As their other focus is on sectors that are facing the highest level of threats: entertainment and mining, take extra care with html and pdf files if you’re in these sectors.

SonicWall: mid-year threat report

You might have seen us highlight this on our social media but if not, we’d recommend taking the time to read SonicWall’s mid-year threat report. The long and short of it is that cyber threats are on the increase. This is not necessarily unexpected news as we continue to increase how we work and what we do online. But what is unexpected is that we aren’t securing our systems at the same rate. A good security strategy and policy can help reduce the risks to your business. SonicWall’s report provides further information on this, but chatting with the team at EBS will also help you take the necessary actions.

Need more explanation? Talk to EBS

We understand that many small businesses just want the headlines as they don’t necessarily have the time to read the detail. Plus, you just want someone who can provide you with the assurance that they are mitigating the risk to your business. We always explain headlines in a jargon-free way that makes sense so that you can understand the cyber threats to your business and know that you have IT in place that is dealing with them. Talk to us through our live-chat below or call us on 0121 384 2513.