Exporting and Importing Financial Statement Layouts  

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In this article, we take you through the simple steps necessary to export and import financial statement layouts within Sage 200. 

If you have multiple companies that follow a similar nominal structure, once you have configured your Profit and Loss and/or Balance Sheet layouts for one company, you may want to share layouts across companies. 

Within Sage 200, you can import and export these layouts. This routine saves the layout as a CSV file, so you can edit it using Excel before importing it. 

From company with the existing layouts (as long as the nominal structure is the same) go to the ‘Financial Statement Layouts’ window pick either profit and loss or balance sheet, highlight the report and click export. 

Save the file as a .csv somewhere easy to find. 

Go to the Sage company you would like to import them into and then back into the ‘Financial Statement Layouts’ window. Pick which one you would like to import and click import.  

 Select the .csv file that you saved earlier, click open 

Click save and close. 

The imported layout will then be saved. We would always recommend then clickingvalidate’ as this will check whether there are any nominals missing from the report.  

You can then over type the name of the report if you don’t want it to be called ‘Imported Layout.  

You can have multiple financial layouts and you get the choice which one to run in the criteria window, so whatever you name it in the above window will appear as a selection here: 

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