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As a business, issues with invoices are one of the last things that you need. 

Sometimes you may notice that an invoice may show as entered against the purchase order but hasn’t hit the supplier account. You may also notice this if you get an error regarding batch transactions when trying to generate payments.  

This is usually caused if Sage crashes and closes down when you are part way through entering a purchase invoice or sometimes if the user choses to close the window down part way through entering the purchase invoice transaction.  

To correct the issue you might need to enable the setting first to allow yourself to view these. To turn on the setting go to purchase ledger > ledger set up > ledger settings then tick the option to ‘Allow Batch Processing.’  

Purchase Ledger Screen

Once the setting is enabled go to purchase ledger > enter transactions > batch transactions (manager) 

This will open a new window where you will see any invoices which has not fully gone through to the purchase ledger account.  

Batched Purchased Transaction Manager
Here you have a number of options: 

You can ‘Commit’ the invoice which will then post it to the purchase ledger supplier account.  

You can choose to ‘Edit’ the invoice if there is a mistake and then you can ‘Commit’ to the supplier account.  

You can ‘Delete’ the invoice if you do not wish this to show on the supplier account (you may wish to choose this option if the invoice had been previously spotted as missing and subsequently already been manually added to the supplier account directly). 

Please note that nothing that you action in this window will affect the purchase order and there is no way of un-completing the invoice on the purchase order. 

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