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Hashed Orders

Following on from our previous Sage Tip regarding Disconnected logins (Clearing Disconnected Logins – EBS), if Sage 200 crashes whilst entering a Sales or Purchase Order, you may get a Hashed Order. This is caused by the order not being fully saved at the time of the crash.

If the Hashed Order is not cleared by removing the disconnected login, there are steps you can follow to clear it:

Hashed Sales Orders:

  • In Sage 200, navigate to Sales Order Processing > Enquiries > Sales Document Status.
  • When the workspace loads, enter a hash (#) in the Document No column. The screen will refresh to show any orders containing with a hash:
  • Check the document date of the hashed order(s). If the order is dated today or in the future check with users that they aren’t currently entering a sales order.
  • Make a note of any details you will require to recreate the order. The line information will be in the lower half of the window.
  • Right click on the order you want to cancel, Actions > Sales Orders > Amend Order Status:

Hashed Purchase Orders:

  • navigate to Purchase Order Processing > Enquiries > Purchase Document Status.
  • Follow same steps as detailed above for hashed sales orders.

If you are unable to clear the hashed order following the steps above, please log a call with our Sage Support Team.

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