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Clearing Disconnected Logins

There may be instances where Users may receive a warning message to say either themselves or another user is in a record/area of the system:

This message may prevent them from amending a particular record or accessing a specific feature, but upon checking with the user referenced they do not appear to be accessing that area of the program.

This message is generally caused by the Sage 200 program closing unexpectedly, for example there’s a Power cut, the PC shut down whilst Sage 200 is still open or there is a connection drop between the client PC and server. Any of these scenarios may result in a “disconnected login”.

If you have the appropriate user permissions, you can clear disconnected logins by:

  • Accessing the cog icon in the top right-hand corner of the Sage 200 Home screen
  • Selecting “User Login Status”
  • In the “Disconnected Logins” tab of the window that opens, highlight the entries (you can use SHIFT/Ctrl on your keyboard to select multiple), then select the “Log Off” button:

This will remove the disconnected login and any associated locks but will NOT affect any users legitimately logged in to Sage 200.

Once cleared, you should be able to access the area where you were previously receiving the warning message.

It is a good idea to keep on top of disconnected logins, therefore we recommend disconnected logins are “logged off” on a daily or weekly basis.

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