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Simon knows EBS inside out, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as he has lived and breathed the business for more than 20 years.

Our Operations Director and, since 2021, co-owner of EBS, Simon has a rich history with the company, having overseen the day-to-day operations of the implementation and development teams during much of his time here.

Now, in his current role, Simon’s well-rounded knowledge of the company, including its customers, staff and processes, allows him to ensure that operations are always efficient and successful.

An interest in accountancy and business software initially led Simon to join EBS in a software support role, before he progressed to an implementation, and then management, position within a few years.

When the opportunity arose in August 2021 to acquire the business, it was the fulfilment of a dream for Simon.

“Acquiring the business is my biggest personal achievement at EBS,” says Simon. “I’m very proud of how we rebranded the business into what we believe will carry us into the future for years to come.”

That future looks bright and very healthy, as Simon adds: “Our approach to business IT sets us apart from the rest and, coupled with the amazing people we have, I feel EBS will go from strength to strength.

“Our all-encompassing and rounded approach to IT and software makes us a single point of contact and responsibility for everything, and with our bespoke approach to implementations, our customers get exactly what they ask for with no hidden surprises.”

Having garnered an enviable knowledge of Sage software and customer service over the years, it’s the staff here at EBS that Simon thrives on. He adds: “As a service business, EBS prides itself on excellent customer service, it is the staff that makes this a success. And the feedback the company and staff receive daily, feels amazing.

“In turn, what motivates me every day is seeing what successes the day holds for the business; this could be something as little as a reduction in support calls or the completion of a project.”

While it’s his two daughters who inspire Simon out of work, it’s clear that it’s his EBS colleagues, and the success of the business itself, that continue to drive him on.

“I wanted my career to mean something, whether that be for my family, colleagues or in the world,” he adds. “I wanted to make a difference, and I feel that my role now makes a difference to our customers, our staff and our community.”

A business co-owner in his 30s – “Just!” – and at the heart of EBS’s future success – not bad for someone who started his career as an administrative assistant for a refrigeration company in Birmingham.

And what would Simon say to someone thinking of joining him and working for EBS? “Come and join the family!”

6 things you may not know about Simon

· He can moonwalk

· If he could go anywhere back in time, it would be to the 1950s

· He would like to learn to play piano

· The title of his autobiography would be ‘How Not to Do Your 20s and Other Useless Advice’

· If he could swap places with anyone for a day, it would be his seven-year-old daughter “to see why she doesn’t listen to me!”

· The best bit of advice he has ever received was: If you can’t control it, don’t!

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