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You may find that you need to run Verify Data (Balance Ledgers) within Sage, this could be for a few reasons: 

  1. Allocate stock despite the system showing stock available 
  2. Despatch Stock even though it is shown as allocated 
  3. Show stock quantities as positive but are showing as a negative when you don’t allow negative stock 
  4. Month End Routines 
  5. Year End Routines 

Luckily, this is a relatively easy fix. However, with all things involving your company’s data we’d advise taking a back-up – or speaking to your experienced technology partner such as EBS – before you proceed. Once you’ve done that you can start to clear the disconnected log-ins. Start by making sure that all your employees, or users, are out of Sage or not actively working in the ‘commercials’ module. If you have any doubt about that make sure to ask all users to log out before you remove any disconnected log-ins. You can do this by going to the cog in the top right of Sage 200 and selecting ‘User login status’. 

Highlight all of the lines – you can do this by holding down shift and ctrl to select – and click ‘Log off’. 

This will clear any log-ins that are locking pages and activity and allow you to verify your data to balance the ledgers. You can do this by going to Accounting system manager > system utilities > verify data (or balance ledgers) > commercials  

  • Tick ‘Validate, report and correct anomalies’ 
  • Tick ‘Stock Control’ 
  • Then click OK.  


You will be warned that the routine might take some time however it should not take more than a few minutes usually so just click ‘Yes’.


You will see a process bar while Sage works through the ledgers.

Sage will produce an errors log which you can safely close. You don’t need to review the information on here, as your issue might not be showing however this process may still have resolved it.  

If you do wish to keep the logs you would select print and they will either preview or spool depending on your normal settings. At this point you can print or export like any Sage report. 

Close the errors log. Everything should now be resolved for you and your employees can now log back in and use Sage as normal.  

If your error isn’t resolved or you’re struggling or at all worried that you might be doing the wrong thing, then give EBS a call or raise a ticket through the support portal. We’re here to support our customers and share insight for all Sage users. 

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