Where IT can help you improve your business
(that you might not have considered)

Technology is now everywhere in our day-to-day lives and our businesses. It is something that we all manage to take for granted. And because we take it for granted, it might be that we’re not maximising IT enough in our organisations. Or we’re not reviewing it enough, until it goes wrong!

This is where a proactive approach to your IT can help you improve your business whether that’s researching yourself to put in place new tech, working with your in-house team, or consulting with a range of experts such as EBS.  If you’re ready to review the IT in your business, then our recommendations that you might not have considered are: 

Cloud hosting: can help you improve your flexible working 

The pandemic has shifted us towards new technology that can help us work differently. It forced us to review how we work and ensure we can work from anywhere in the world. However, this might have involved different methods and saw some businesses retain their traditional servers. Researching what type of server, hybrid or cloud solution is right for your business can help you provide new ways of working for your team. It allows you to keep up with the competition when searching for new employees by being able to offer flexible working. 

Bespoke development: creating efficiencies between your key software

You might have gotten used to doing things a certain way or have yet to be aware of some of the software, Access databases, or Excel spreadsheets that your team is using to do their jobs. This is where investing in bespoke development can introduce efficiencies in your business. At EBS, we undertake a process review to address gaps in your business operations where software or automation can save your team time, therefore saving you money. Looking at your manual process and talking to IT experts can be a great way to see what development is right for your business

Migration to VOIP to cover the UK’s PTSN switch-off in 2025: keeping you connected

If you’ve been in your office buildings for a while then you might be using landlines for your connectivity. Hopefully, you are aware of the BT analogue switch-off that is happening in 2025. If not this is a prime opportunity to review your networking and cabling to see if you have a solution in place. The right solution can help you reduce downtime from poor connectivity and deliver fast gigabit speeds.

Our final thoughts: investing in an IT ‘GP’ rather than a specialist

There are so many areas of information technology these days it can be hard to work out which IT can help you improve your business. If you’re an SME, investing in the ‘GPs’ of the IT world, a general IT solutions business, can give you access to a whole range of experts on subjects including Sage finance, Cybersecurity, managed IT services, software, hardware, and more. Whereas a specialist in Cybersecurity, for instance, can just provide you with this one area of expertise. While this adds value, it doesn’t necessarily help you with the big picture like someone like EBS can. If you’d like to know more get in touch with us on our live chat (bottom right hand corner), email hello@ebs.tech, or give us a call on 0121 384 2513.