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Additional User Permissions

Do you want to control what users entering invoices and sales orders can see and change, such as the selling price or discounts?

As well as the User permissions granted to users in Sage 200 System Administration, for the SOP and Invoicing Modules there are some additional User Permissions within the Sage 200 program itself.

Within Sales Order Processing > SOP Utilities > System Set Up > User Permissions

and within Invoicing > Invoicing Utilities > System Set Up > User Permissions you will see:

From here you can “Edit” a user who has Existing SOP Permissions or “Add” a user who doesn’t currently have any User Permissions specified.

In the next window that appears you can set the user’s permissions:

  • View the profit on Invoices and Orders

This enables the “Invoice Profit” and “Line Profit” buttons when amending Sales Orders, Proformas and Quotes and when Viewing Invoices.

  • View Discounts

The user can select the View Discounts button on the order/order line to see which discounts have been applied.

  • Override Credit Hold

User can remove the “On Hold” status if the customer’s account balance is above their credit limit.

  • Override Prices and Discounts

User can amend the selling price or line discounts.

  • Override default Stock Fulfilment Method

This allows the user to choose how stock is allocated to a sales order: From Warehouse, From Supplier via Stock or Direct to Customer

  • Override default Confirmation Method

When entering Sales Orders, this allows the user to change whether Free Text Lines and Service/Labour Stock Items need to go through the “Confirm Despatch” process.

  • Override Stock Item Unit Cost Price

This allows the user to change the cost price of stock items which use FIFO or Actual costing methods on the invoice and order lines. It does not change the cost price on the stock item.

  • Generate Purchase Orders from Sales Orders

This enables the “Generate PO” button on the order allowing users to create a purchase order for certain stock items. (With Back to Back ordering there are certain other conditions which must also be met.)

  • Set a default warehouse

Set a default warehouse if you want the warehouse to be automatically selected for that user, so they choose stock items from a particular warehouse first. Just leave this blank if you don’t want to set a default, so that user must select the warehouse.

If you have any queries surrounding these additional User Permissions please contact our Sage Support team.

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