Safer Internet Day: keeping your employees safe online

The 6th February 2024 is #SaferInternetDay. At EBS, we believe in keeping the next generation safe but the knowledge to do that has to come from adults. As business owners, we can help train our team in online safety. Let’s talk more about keeping your employees safe online.

Think your employees are safe already? It is time to think again?

Firstly, let’s have a quick look at some statistics surrounding cyber-attacks. Now it might seem quite a jump to go from keeping your employees safe online to talking cybersecurity. But the two terms are just different ways of saying the same thing. There is a range of software that can put in place cybersecurity that keeps your employees safe online, but part of cybersecurity is educating them to browse wisely.

We really don’t want to scaremonger but on #SaferInternetDay it is a good time to consider whether we are browsing safely enough. And if we aren’t, how can we improve our skills and that of our wider workforce? Increasing their safety will help them share information with their families as well as new employees in your team. A win-win for your corporate social responsibility and reducing risk in your business.

How to educate your team on keeping safe online

A good security awareness training programme is the best way to keep your team safe online. It can help you strengthen your ‘human firewall’ by giving them the knowledge to spot phishing attacks and increase their online safety skills. Training is automated and regularly updated so you know that your team are learning about the latest risks. Plus it can be easily reviewed to see how their knowledge is increasing with real-time dashboards and reporting.

A final thought: encourage sharing of online safety

We hope you will take the plunge to educate and train your team. And, if you do, we encourage you to ask them to share their knowledge with their families and the wider community. Doing this will help us all do our part every #SaferInternetDay.

If you’re ready to start training why not talk to us about a free online demo of our security awareness training. A simple way to keeping your employees safe online. Email to arrange a demo today.