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Choose How to Print Your Reports

Output mode is what defines how your install of Sage will print the reports you produce

You can set it to send to Spooler, Preview or Printer

When Sage is first installed it will automatically be set to print to the Spooler, so if it seems like nothing is printing you are likely to find it in the spooler.

To change your output mode navigate to (Tools) ;

(Choose Output Mode; and select your preferred method

This will open the ‘Choose Output Mode’ screen where you select which open is your preferred choice.


This displays your reports on screen where you have several options to select what you wish to do with the report next. The options available to you are:

Print – Sends report to printer

Email – Emails the report

Export – Open the save as window where you can select what format you want the report saved in, i.e. .pdf or .csv

Report to Excel – Sends the report to excel with the same formatting

Data to excel – Sends the report data to excel

Page Setup – You can change the margin settings, size and orientation of the paper

Printer Offsets – Change the offsets used by the report

Spool – Saves the report to the spooler

Edit – Opens the report in Report Designer for editing

Styles – Changes the font for various parts of the report


This sends the report directly to the spooler. From here you can:

View – Preview the report on the screen

Print – Print the report

Email – Email the report

Delete – Delete the report from the spooler queue

Refresh – Updates the spooler list

Filter – Use this to filter what is visible in the list

Be aware when using the spooler the option to use ‘Data to Excel’ is not available as you can see there are other options missing in comparison to using the Preview output mode.


This sends all documents immediately to your defined printer. This option is rarely selected as you are unable to see the document that you have created before it is printed out

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