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Configuring a new user for Sage 200cloud 

There are several steps which need to be completed to successfully set up a new user for Sage 200cloud. 

Firstly, access to Sage 200 is driven by the Windows user account in Windows Active Directory.  

The Windows user must be assigned to the Sage200Users user group to enable their user for Sage200. If the user requires access to the Sage System Administration program, they must also be added to the Sage200AdminUsers user group. 

When an Admin user logs on to System Administration they will be presented with a Manage User Lists screen advising that a new user will be added. Once they OK this message they will receive confirmation the user has been successfully added. 

Selecting the Users option on the left will show a list of Sage 200 users, with the new user in the list: 

If they double click on the user (or right click and properties) they can set the user properties, details, Roles, Company Access. Remember, it is the Selected Roles that determine which features the user has access to:

Once this section is completed, the user should be able to log in to Sage 200 companies they have been assigned, with the feature permissions as defined by their Roles.

By default, when users first log in to Sage200, any reports or documents produced will automatically be sent to the Spooler. If preferred, reports and documents can display on screen, or go straight to the printer. This is set within Sage 200, in the Tools menu/cog icon > Choose Output Mode:

There are some additional user permissions for Sales Order Processing held within Sage 200 > SOP > SOP Utilities > System Set Up > User Permissions. Here you can set default Warehouses, allow users to view discounts, override credit hold and more:

If you have any queries, or difficulty with any of the above, please contact our Sage Support Team.

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