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Excel Data Bridge for Sage 200

We’re excited to show the latest release of Draycir’s Excel Data Bridge, designed to simplify and streamline the data transfer process between Microsoft Excel and Sage 200.

If you or your teams are spending too much time keying data into Sage from Microsoft Excel, there could be a quick and easy time saving option to solve that problem.

Excel Data Bridge enables you to:

– Save time entering data into Sage; create and edit data in the familiar spreadsheets of Excel.

– Simplify and streamline the routine entry of accounting data, sales orders, purchasing and stock

– Manipulate data in Microsoft Excel; post directly into Sage without needing to rekey data

– Receive instant validation feedback which will tell you if you’ve done this correctly, so you can be sure it’s right first time

– Browse data from Sage within Excel, for example nominal codes, costs centres and departments; follow set rules to ensure consistency

– ‘Work offline’ whilst still able to browse data

– Speed up the way your team deliver their tasks allowing them to focus on other tasks for the business

“We were spending a large amount of time manually rekeying data in spreadsheets and Sage. Excel Data Bridge reduced the manual elements of this process whilst also reducing the potential for human error when rekeying.”

For more information please contact EBS on 0121 384 2513 or visit www.ebs.tech/contact-us

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