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EBS & Sicon show how the latest Documents module can automatedly input your Purchase Invoices using intelligent Purchase Invoice Recognition.

Auto processing of invoices to the purchase ledger and matching to purchase orders with little to no user interaction, once full automation is enabled per supplier.

Pay per invoice document and not per page, based on fair usage of 1-5 pages per document. Download of processed documents and validation is carried out within Sage 200, so there is nothing else to install, no extra software to learn or use and no extra user licenses are required for Sage 200.

Validating the extracted Invoice document data within Sage 200 maintains accuracy with supplier, nominal, cost centre, department and job information, and saves the synchronisation of date to any external system.

Document read accuracy can be improved by using the ‘Training Mode’ included in the preview screen. Simply tell the system where the correct information fields are on the document for dates, order numbers, invoice numbers etc and the next document processed for that supplier will use these new details to extract the data correctly.

Specify at a module or supplier level if a Purchase Order would be expected to match to an invoice, if goods received notes should be confirmed before matching an invoice or if invoices can be processed with no Purchase Order because they are a utility supplier or someone not requiring an order.

Make use of Sicon WAP* for approval of variances in invoices and orders. This provides the ability to have advanced approval processing.

* WAP is an additional module available from Sicon providing Web Based document creation and approval. See the Sicon Web Site for more information.

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