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Sicon Manufacturing is a set of additional modules for Sage 200, integrated with Stock, BOM, Sales and Purchase Order Processing. Including modules for Projects, Works Order Processing and Estimating, this package can be configured for one-off project costed manufacture or high volume repeat production manufacture. Material and Resource Planning provides suggested works orders and purchase orders plus a rough cut capacity plan at labour and machine levels.

Sicon Manufacturing is made up of projects, works order processing & estimating modules.

Installed and maintained within Sage 200.

Runs within all Sage 200 companies at no extra cost.

Available for all Sage 200 users based on permissions at no extra cost.

Includes the following features:

– Projects

– Works Order Processing

– Estimating and Capacity Planning

– Material Planning

– Resource Planning

– Labour Recording

Integration with Sage 200 modules:

– Uses the standard Sage 200 BOM to create Works Orders.

– Purchase Ledger Invoices can be linked to one or more projects.

– Issue stock to projects and/or works order depending on business requirements.

– Link Sales and Purchase Orders to Projects to create commitments.

– Works Orders can be created and linked to Sales Orders and Projects.

– Stock costing methods and traceability are included in all modules.

– For Shop Floor data capture purchase the Sicon WAP Timesheet/T&A Module:*

– Options for works order component amendments and labour bookings.

– Time can be booked directly to works orders or projects via the Sicon WAP Timesheets module to provide additional workflow and authorisation.

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