Client Services Director Richard Brown has the inside track on Microsoft’s latest software news this August…

940px_530px Windows 10 slider

Windows 10

The Verge have an interesting read, especially the section on windows phone release later this year. For those who are interested they are hinting to continuum, this basically allows you to plug a keyboard and mouse into your phone and use as a full desktop.

EBS’ Jack Hartwell also has an entertaining blog post on Windows 10, read it here.

Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft have introduced new and modern chart types, which are now available in Office 2016:  Click hereto learn more about Excel’s waterfall and histogram features.


Go Pro with a Surface?

For those of you who are in the market for a surface but not sure which one then take a read of the Ask Paul article by Thurrott.com.

We at EBS use the Surface Pro 3, take a look at what Richard Torr thinks to his device here.

Cortana integration

You may recall Microsoft’s advert on TV earlier this year as Cortana got to know Clean Bandit Now, you can get a first look at Cortana integration with Office 365.

Stay tuned for more recommended reads by Richard. In the meantime, tell us what’s on your watchlist! Comment below and share your picks!