We’ve been working alongside Sage for more than twenty years now. We’ve seen some fantastic ideas and some, let’s say, not so fantastic ideas.


The Sage Ideas Hub is one of the good ones.


Sage endeavours to create solutions with features that its users want and need; we can see this from the solutions’ versatility and bespoke customisation abilities.


The Sage Ideas Hub defines community. It is a platform for Sage users to recommend new features and updates, in the hope to improve Sage 200 by giving the Sage community what they really want.


Sage 200 has been altered and improved using community suggested ideas through the Ideas Hub, which is growing in popularity.


If you are already a Sage user and customer, you will know that the platform has endless opportunities for new and improved features. If you have an idea that you think others might like, you have a platform to voice it!


Here’s how the Ideas Hub works.


Existing Sage users will have a My Sage login. Using this, you can access [insert link} the Ideas Hub.


You can do a number of things, including submitting your own idea. The Ideas Hub will automatically use your idea title and description to search for similar, existing ideas so that you’re not submitting what somebody else already has.

Ideas Hub Diagram

If you come across any ideas that you support or think would be a good addition to the platform you’re using, you can bookmark them so you can follow their progress.


Don’t forget to vote for the ones you like the look of and leave a positive comment on them! The more responses an idea gets, the more likely it is for Sage to pay attention to it and possibly develop it.


You can also down vote and leave constructive feedback for any ideas that you think might not be a great idea, or highlight any improvements that could be made.


Here’s a quick list of different definitions that an idea can have:



Here’s an example of a completed one!

Sage Ideas Hub

The Sage Ideas Hub is all about the Sage community and user base improving the products that we all love.


We have witnessed first-hand fantastic ideas being implemented by Sage. Share your ideas and have your voice heard!