Today, our Hardware & Tech Support (HaTS) engineer Neil Martin is celebrating his 20th anniversary at EBS!

Neil 20

At 8.50 am this morning, the entire staff at EBS put aside their normal early morning routine to gather round the same room and give Neil a well-deserved reception for two decades of loyalty.

Our Managing Director, Jason Tullah gave a fitting speech (with several amusing anecdotes) as Neil was presented with an Apple watch and this hilarious customised cake (see left). The edible version of Neil is almost the spitting image of the real version!

Neil started working for EBS in 1996, arriving as a fresh-faced 21-year old. Back then, Google wasn’t even invented, Apple was going bankrupt and we were still supplying monochrome monitors!

Who knows what gift we will be presenting him with in 2036?!

Congratulations Neil for reaching this significant milestone, and thank you for your 20 years of dedication to EBS and our customers.

Here’s to the next 20!