For some time, the UK has maintained a fairly poor reputation on the global manufacturing stage in terms of productivity – latest statistics courtesy of ONS show that we’re quite a distance behind the US, Canada, Germany, France and Japan.

In October, the Industrial Digitalisation Review outlined proposals to boost the economy through the use of new digital technologies.

The review was chaired by Juergen Maier, CEO of Siemens UK. An exclusive video interview between The Manufacturer and Maier [] highlights two main contributing factors for poor manufacturing productivity in the UK:

The main takeaway for manufacturing business owners and decision-makers is that investing in technology does increase productivity. Directly.

More research published by The Manufacturer indicates that SMEs are among the most inefficient in terms of productivity, due to their lower levels of digital technology adoption.

Digital technologies that can have a positive impact on manufacturing productivity come in all shapes and sizes, from industrial-sized robots to laptops, PCs and software packages.

It is becoming increasingly important for manufacturing companies of all levels (namely SMEs) to invest in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Industry 4.0 has happened. It is happening, and it will continue to evolve in the near future.

If you still haven’t spent money to keep up with the transforming manufacturing landscape, now is the time.

How can EBS help manufacturers address these challenges?

Increasing the output per worker is a pre-requisite for restoring the global industrial reputation of the UK. This is something EBS has been helping manufacturing SMEs achieve for decades.

Sage 200 Manufacturing is the flagship solution we offer to our customers in this industry. It enables you, as the user, to track supply chain activities in detail as well as maintain maximum productivity.

It’s arguably the most popular manufacturing solution for SMEs, which is no surprise. We have watched Sage 200 Manufacturing transform countless businesses’ productivity after professional implementation and training.

High-spec networking and infrastructure hardware is another essential arm to any productive manufacturing firm’s core. We’ve been teaming up with the likes of HP, Draytek, Ubiquiti Networks and Symantec (among others) to provide our customers with top-of-the-range:

No two manufacturing companies are the same, and neither are their technology needs.

EBS is committed to working professionally with our partners to deliver excellent technology services to our customers. We are confident we have a digital technology package that will improve your manufacturing company’s productivity by adding efficiency to your processes.

Visit our dedicated manufacturing web page for more information or call us on 0121 384 2513 to begin a conversation with one of our technology specialists.