Since joining Electronic Business Systems in September 2014, I have been given the opportunity to understand the company’s values. From what I have learned we created this poster:

EBS core values (for blog)


I asked the members of the team what these values mean directly to them. Here’s a selection of their viewpoints:

Integrity – “We’re honest with the customers, If things go awry, or we don’t have the solution, we tell them.”

Trust  – “Customers know we will deliver the best service we can offer”

Dependable  – “Customers can always rely on us to deliver what they asked for”

Courage – “We are brave enough to be innovative with the solutions we offer.”

Fun – “We don’t take ourselves too seriously and people can talk to us personally as well as professionally.”

Laura Donohoe, Sales Support Executive


Integrity – EBS realises that their customers are people / businesses too, and when we commit to a project we aren’t afraid to go the extra mile in order to deliver what we promise

Trust – Businesses turn to us to advise for a wide range of IT related challenges, and we pride ourselves on giving honest advise – even when if its not always what they want to hear

Dependable – when the going gets tough, EBS will still be there to help you through it

Courage – We won’t take on a project that we don’t feel we can deliver

Fun – Sometimes it’s important to let your hair down, stressed/overworked people make mistakes

 Lee Dyche, Technical Director


Integrity – In the face of our customers

Trust – In the work we do

Dependable – in all we do

Courage – in the face of adversity

Fun  – is what we have helping others!

Jack Hartwell, Hardware & Technical Services Engineer


Integrity –  Provide honest feedback and advice no matter the financial impact to EBS

Trust – Trusted for advice and knowing you are in safe hands

Dependable –  We deliver what we promise and never over-promise anything

Courage – Sometimes the truth is not the most popular, but honesty is the best policy.  Also courage to enter new markets or develop new solutions in emerging sectors

Fun – Might as well enjoy ourselves (including customers and suppliers in that statement !!)

Richard Torr, Sales Director


 Does your business share our core values? Tell us in the comment box below what they mean to you.