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Richard loves to talk. And that’s a very good thing, as any of our clients, and staff here at EBS, will tell you. 

His zest for talking to people, as well as an obsession to understand how everything works, was developed from an early age as he watched, and was inspired by, his parents as they ran a successful business. 

Those were the first steps that led Richard on the path to where he is now – as our Sales Director and co-owner of EBS. 

Before he joined EBS in 2015, Richard’s career saw him work as a hardware engineer in IT before taking a role with an audio-visual company when digital signage was in its infancy. He then moved back to a Managed Services and Sage Business Partner in 2010. Since then, he has been working with Sage, associated business partners and helping businesses with security and migration to the cloud. 

“My role as Sales Director means I work with, and support, businesses to achieve their goals by utilising software and technology,” says Richard. 

“I have a good understanding of how businesses need to operate, with a strong technical background. I really enjoy talking to people, and I have a strong desire to understand how everything works so I can help businesses make informed choices. 

“That is what I really love about working for EBS – working with customers to develop solutions that will benefit their business, and working with our amazing teams to execute these solutions and seeing the long-term benefits that the customers’ business will experience. 

“It’s what motivates me at the start of every day, being the end-to-end solution provider.” 

By being such a key figure in the important customer-facing role, Richard is best-placed to know that it’s our relationships with people that make EBS stand out from other companies, and that it will be integral to the company’s future. 

“I very much see a controlled, organic but ambitious growth for EBS in the future,” says Richard. “And seeing the progression that EBS makes as the company matures really does send me home happy each day. 

“Personally, joining EBS as an Account Manager, progressing to Sales Manager and then being a part of the management buy-out, is my biggest achievement here, but it’s the rebrand that I’m most proud of because it’s the very heart of our future as a company. 

“Everyone here is pulling in the same direction to achieve our goals, not only for us as a company but for our customers, too. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned at EBS as that team-work makes the dream work, and it’s certainly true.” 

6 things you may not know about Richard 

  • Richard is really into home automation – he loves seeing how much solar his panels have generated on a sunny day… not so much on a rainy one! 
  • His first job was as a DJ and a live music technician 
  • He can juggle and ride a unicycle – but not at the same time 
  • If he could learn a new skill, it would be programming 
  • He’s a keen mountain bike rider – as long as he’s not getting injured too often 
  • He is inspired by business leaders, such as Richard Branson, because of their “tenaciousness”
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