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If you are using Sage 200, you may not be aware that you already have the Invoicing module.

The Invoicing module was introduced in the Summer 2017 release of Sage 200. Invoicing is included within the Financials bundle, which means you do not need the Commercials modules (Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Price Book and Stock Control) to use it, but can still be used if you do use the Commercials modules.

You can find a brief overview video at:


Invoicing provides a quick and easy way for you to create physical invoices to send to your customers. This is great for creating invoices and credit notes with no despatch process. Invoices are then posted through to the Sales Ledger.

This is ideal if:
  • You’re a service business and don’t want to keep records of stock.
  • You don’t have a despatch process.
  • You don’t have any lead time between orders placed and invoices sent out.
  • Your despatch process has already occurred, and you don’t want to record it Sage 200.
  • You have a trade desk and need a simple method of producing cash sales invoices
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.