The Simple Process of Moving your IT Contract to EBS

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The steps you need to transfer your IT requirements to EBS 

If the thought of changing IT providers feels overwhelming, then good news it doesn’t need to be as hard as you think. The infographic below outlines the steps required by you and the items that we can take care of.

Our team work with you to ensure the process is as easy, efficient and hassle-free for you as possible. 

We often get asked, ‘exactly how long is this process going to take?’ and to be honest, it’s hard to put a set deadline on this but we can move quickly once we have everything we need.  

It could take as little as one week to complete the process, regardless of renewal dates. On the hardware side until we know what services you have; it can be tricky to put a timescale to it. In terms of ‘when’ to do it, on both sides, ideally 90+ days before your existing contract renewal date but, this is not mandatory. 

These are the steps that you can expect to happen when we start moving you over from your previous IT supplier. 

The steps included:
  • Determine the services required 
  • Quote is then provided
  • Agree a suitable start date 
  • Customer approval 
  • Account application 
  • Account application completion 
  • Customer authorisation 
  • Send over vender details 
  • Welcome to EBS email 
  • Follow up with any handover actions 
  • Handover testing 
  • Support with EBS begins 
  • Support tools deployment 
  • Technical document created 
  • Licences migrated  
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There you have it, everything you need to know about changing your current IT provider over to EBS

As always though, if you have any questions, just get in touch, our team will be more than happy to help you.