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Sage 200 Report Design Service

Did you know that within your Sage Support Contract you may be entitled to 3 Free Reports directly from Sage?

The Sage 200 Report Design Team have over 15 years’ experience designing reports and layouts for Sage 200. In each calendar year, you may be eligible for 3 bespoke reports, suitable for your business requirements.

For the best experience, follow this Process:

  1. Book a Report Design Appointment
    1. Sage 200 Report Design (
  2. Prior to the Appointment:
    1. Think about how you want the report to look/feel. If there is an existing report that reflects the look print it off, annotate it, scan it in and email it to referencing your Account Number and Date and Time of your appointment
    1. Have full details of all the information you require to appear on the report
    1. Have your Sage 200 version number and your Sage Report Design version number
    1. Supply any images you want on the report via email at least 24 hours before the appointment
    1. If the report is to appear on pre-printed stationary, 3 examples of this must be received by the Sage Report Design Service Team, via the post, at least 24 hours prior to the appointment
  3. During the Report Design Appointment:
    1. The purpose of this is determine if the required report falls within the Remit of the Report Design Service
    1. Depending on the complexity of the changes required, it may be possible to complete the report during this initial call, therefore ensure you have access to Sage 200
    1. If the report cannot be deployed during the initial call a follow on appointment will be scheduled.
  4. Report Delivery
    1. The report will be deployed on to the server and one Sage 200 user will be granted access or instructions will be sent on how to deploy the report. The EBS Sage Support team can assist with this.
    1. Once delivered, you have 5 working days to validate the design of the report/layout.
  5. Post Delivery
    1. After the request is closed, if you have any questions these will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Exclusions/Limitations
    1. Whilst there is a broad spectrum of reports/layouts that can be designed within the Report Design Service there are some exclusions such as Financial Statement Layouts, Stock Valuation, Allocation reports.

Full details on the Report Design Service, including any exclusions can be found here Sage 200 Report Design Service.

In addition to the above, Sage produce a Report of the Month, and have a library of additional reports available for you to download here (hyperlink to Sage 200 Report Designer Services – Report of the month )

If there is a report you would like applied to your Sage 200 please contact

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