What type of IT do manufacturers need?

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What type of IT do manufacturers need?

It might not always be top of the list to review your IT. And IT can be just ‘one of those things’ that we all have but don’t always think too much about. But if you are ready to think about it then we’d like to talk about: what type of IT do manufacturers need?

Up-to-date software: improving your processes

This seems an obvious one but a survey of manufacturers highlighted that almost one in five haven’t updated their software in five years. And it can be all too easy to lose track of when you added that key piece of software to your operations.

We talk to a lot of manufacturers who are using out-of-date software, spreadsheets, or Access databases to manage their operations. All of these work but might be exposing you to the risk of downtime, costing you increased time to manage or not helping you to grow.

This is where the right IT partner can add value to your manufacturing business. Keeping systems up-to-date is one thing but looking at bespoke development can see your ERP or BMS solutions integrate effectively with software. Or even replace those spreadsheets and Access databases that take your team too much time to manage.

Finance products: tailored to manufacturing

We know that all businesses are unique and all sectors have their nuances. Manufacturing is no exception to this. And the sheer scale of manufacturing can add complexities that other businesses simply don’t face. This is where reviewing your financial products can be the type of IT manufacturers need. If you’re using a Sage financial system you might not know that it comes with a range of add-ons for manufacturing such as Sicon or Cim50 and Cim200. Both of these can add efficiencies to your operations by enabling more communication across your processes.

Cybersecurity: reducing the risk to your business

We talked recently about how 88% – 95% of cyber security attacks are caused by human error. Malware, ransomware, and spyware are all becoming more sophisticated in their attacks. These two things combined highlight the need to keep your business secure. While that’s not just for manufacturers, it is for all businesses, if you’re one of those manufacturers with out-of-date software it can increase your risk of a cyber attack.

While we don’t want to scaremonger, reviewing your cybersecurity should be on your list. At the very list protecting your business so that if the worst happens you can recover and continue operating should be on your IT list.

What else to consider: AI, automation and innovation

Manufacturing is one of the key industries of the UK, especially the Midlands where we are based. And as such can face the difficulties of being a well-established sector. A traditional industry, like manufacturing, can suffer from a struggle to digitise and transform operations with IT.

If you’re a manufacturer and you’re feeling that way, then talking to the right providers about AI, automation, and more will help you innovate. Embracing new technologies can improve operations, increase efficiencies, and in turn, help generate more profit.

Our recommendation is to talk to IT providers, like ourselves, who will understand legacy systems that you are using and how to move these forward without impacting the day-to-day of your business.

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