Choosing the right IT products and services for your business can improve your efficiency, saving you time and increasing profit. But IT and technology aren’t always top of the agenda when it comes to senior management meetings or board meetings. They can quickly become a staple of a business rather than something that is regularly reviewed and enhanced.  

If you’re finding your employees are spending too much time on manual processes or complaining of internet issues or struggling to update their computers it might be time for a review. Or, if you are expanding your business and looking to develop into new products and services, choosing the right IT products and services can add an advantage. We recommend:  

Understanding your business goals  

EBS would always recommend understanding your business goals before choosing IT and technology. Knowing what you want to achieve, level of growth, amount of employees and sectors you want to work in can all change what would be the right technology for your business.  

Reviewing your manual processes 

By reviewing your manual processes, you can investigate what to enhance or replace with technology. EBS offer a business process review that analyses manual processes and recommends IT solutions or bespoke software development that will enhance operations to save you time and money.  

Identify your working model  

Understanding how and where your employees work can play a part in identifying the right IT products and services for you. Whether you have a team that work partly on the road and need to be able to send information quickly back to the office, or need employees to scan products on the shop floor, or have some employees that work remotely, these different working arrangements can benefit from a range of devices and wireless infrastructure to keep your employees online wherever they are working from.  

Outlining your service needs  

Effective IT products and services can fall foul if you don’t combine them with the right IT support. If you’re looking for products and services to enhance your business but can’t get through to your IT provider or it takes days for a support request to be actioned, it will slow down the advances that you want. We’d recommend looking for an IT provider with a good customer service score and response time (like ourselves!). Check out a provider’s testimonials and interrogate their SLA before committing to a level of service.  

Evaluate your IT products and services 

We’d always advise that you evaluate how effective your IT products and services are. Defining KPIs with your IT provider in terms of uptime, service levels, support tickets as well as product-specific evaluation can help you ensure your IT products and services are benefitting your business.  

Connect with EBS for the right IT products and services  

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