Benefits of using technology in manufacturing: Learn more by joining us at Mach24, Thrive Together and Smart Factory Expo

The Midlands, where EBS is based, has always been home to manufacturing, a sector that has evolution at its core, whether that involves improvements in machinery or a focus on processes such as the Toyota Production System. However, are there additional benefits of using technology in manufacturing that you aren’t yet experiencing?

Digital manufacturing: an overview

The phrase “digital manufacturing” has seen an increase in interest over the last few years, and there are various definitions regarding what exactly it entails. The TWI describe it as  ‘the application of computer systems to manufacturing services, supply chains, products and processes.’  Made Smarter UK goes a step further by highlighting Additive Manufacturing, Big Data, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, as well as Robotics and Automation.

For us, both definitions are correct. However, we also understand that for SMEs, knowing when to review existing technology and when to look to the future with big data can be daunting. We’d like to reassure you that if you are using software, hosting your infrastructure in the cloud, or have a range of devices in your business, then you are already utilizing technology. Our advice is to consider how using existing and emerging technologies can help improve your manufacturing. This could be as simple as investigating additional functionality for your ERP or consulting with an IT expert about automating a manual process.

Increasing technology in your manufacturing business: what are the benefits?

Working towards a Smart Factory approach might require SMEs to adopt a longer-term strategic approach. However, there are smaller technological implementations such as bespoke software, wireless connectivity or shop floor data capture that will bring about benefits including:


    • Real time data capture

    • Increased productivity

    • Enhanced efficiency

    • Reduced cost

    • Time savings

Where to learn more? Talk to EBS for the extra byte in your supply chain

The team at EBS is always happy to talk technology solutions for manufacturers and distributors. We’ll be at the Mach Exhibition on Stand 17 – 168 at the NEC on the 15th – 19th April, our exclusive free-of-charge technology event Thrive Together 2024 on the 15th May at Moor Hall Hotel as well as the Smart Factory Expo at the NEC on the 5th – 6th June. If you can’t make any of these events then talk to us via our live chat or email