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As someone who learned how to build a computer when they were 10 years old, you know you’re in safe hands with Dan Price as our Technical Director.

Dan spent time learning about computers with his father at a young age which lit the spark for an interest in technology, one that saw him go from working at a local computer repair shop at the weekends, all the way to Technical Director, and co-owner, at EBS. 

With a 20-year career in IT, Dan has been with us for more than 12 years and is responsible for identifying and recommending new technology solutions, as well as designing business solutions for IT systems. 

Dan is also the uppermost escalation point for the technical teams, and he works with our service delivery manager to ensure technical implementation projects are running smoothly. 

“My strengths surround my technical skills,” says Dan. “I have a lot of experience, and my keen interest in technology keeps my knowledge fresh and up to date. I am also able to explain technical solutions to non-technical team members and customers, to provide them with a greater understanding of what we do and are recommending.”

Dan’s hands-on approach to technology also extends to his relationships with our customers, which he is fiercely proud of. 

“Helping our customers is what motivates me at the beginning of every day,” he says. “We have a great relationship with them, and honestly want to give them the best experience and solutions we can offer.   

“I learned very early on that it’s so important to look after our customers and staff, and this can be shown by our retention of both. It’s great to see that so many of our customers from when I started with EBS back in 2008 are still customers today, which speaks volumes.” 

By being part of the team that completed the management buy-out in 2021, which Dan admits is his biggest career achievement to date, he can now put even more energy into helping EBS customers. 

“As Technical Director, I’m very proud of building an amazing team; they are truly talented and, based on the feedback we receive, our customers think so too,” he says. 

“We are a company which is relatable, honest and has personality. We get to know customers to truly understand their business so we can offer the solutions and support they need.

“Following the buyout, we can discuss and make decisions a lot quicker, which allows us to drive the business forward. This is important for a tech company, to ensure we are up-to-date and able to provide the latest solutions and services. 

“For example, the recent design and implementation of EBS Cloud has led to our customers reaping the benefits that come from our private cloud solution, and it’s great to hear how much it has helped them. 

“I love to hear from customers who share details of their experiences with us, and they tell us things like ‘Moving to EBS has been like a breath of fresh air’ and “You are like an extension of our own team”.  

“I appreciate how daunting changing IT suppliers can be, especially as it’s so integral to a business, so receiving such feedback is amazing and shows we are doing things right. 

“And if I can leave the office each day knowing our support desks have helped a lot of customers with issues they were facing, that we are implementing solutions to make businesses more efficient and we are continuing the path to grow EBS, then it means I go home a happy man.” 

6 things you may not know about Dan 

  • Dan owns a pub! During Covid, he built a pub at the bottom of his garden, which is now an “amazing social venue within walking distance from our home” 
  • Out of work, Dan is passionate about family, friends and pizza 
  • The best piece of advice Dan has received is “Work hard, play hard”. He is a big believer in a healthy work/life balance” 
  • The title of Dan’s autobiography would be ‘Been there, done IT’ 
  • If he could go back in time, Dan would like to witness monumental achievements that are still surrounded in mystery, such as the construction of the pyramids  
  • As Guitar Hero doesn’t count, Dan would like to learn how to play an instrument, such as a guitar or drums, because I find musicians truly fascinating” 
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